Sander Kleinenberg

Everybody's favourite DJ Sander Kleinenberg has had an amazing year.

With his Everybody club night touching down in London, NY, Ibiza, Germany and beyond. His recent album aptly entitled 'Everybody on Tour' has also been a riotous success.

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Big and Beautiful Ladies Guide To Finding The Right Bridal Gown To Suit Your Figure

We all know that beauty comes in all different shapes/sizes ? it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Every bride wants to look FANTASTIC on their special day ? and plus size ladies certainly know how to shine, glow and look beautiful. This guide has been put together to help you choose your bridal gown that will show off your special curves to the max. First step, decide what type of wedding day you want - is it to be a huge affair with hundreds of guest or a low key event with a select few people? Secondly, don't feel that you need to keep with the traditional bridal gown colours of white or cream - be bold and go for something different ? beiges/chocolates are very popular at the moment.

Look at your skin colour and choose a colour which compliments it. If you choose a strong colour best to keep the details on the dress simple. Next, the detail of the dress must be chosen - a simple dress paired with exquisite accessories can be a 'show stopper'. To draw attention to certain parts of the bosy choose a style that emphasises that particular part - so if you are bottom heavy choose a gown which has detail around the bust area. Fourthly, ensure you make the best of the sexy part of your body ? if you have great legs then show them off a little by choosing a shorter style gown or if you have great arms choose a strapless gown with some gorgeous glitter body lotion so your arms and shoulders sparkle.

Short guide 'what style suits what body shape' Large bust - Basque style and full skirt works best ? but do ensure your bodice area is plain and avoid low necklines. Any detail is best situated at the bottom of the skirt. Big hips - on the lower half of your body create a slight triangle - princess or ball gown style gown are perfect. Across the hip area ensure that you gown is not to tight - stay cear of anything piered, a bustle or peplum style. Large tummy - A-line style. Ensure seam is under the bust line and then just flows down so the dress will not sit to your body but will flow around it.

If you decide to opt for sleeves, go for long/narrow - not too tight. Large legs/thighs - Longer gowns work well ? try a sheath style and try and add height with heels. Wide shoulders - V-neckline style will work best ? it is OK to shown some skin. Puffed sleeves are a big NO NO! Large Arms - avoid tight sleeves and choose long simple sleeves.

Short Arms - Choose three quarter length sleeves ? avoid sleeveless gowns. If you want to walk down the isle beaming from cheek to cheek take note of the tips mentioned in the guide. Above all, ensure that you feel comfortable during your big day and ENJOY IT!!! Copyright (c) 2007 Julie-Anne Smith.

Amplusfigura is owner by J Smith. Offer bridal, sports, comfort, sexy lingerie. Visit to see the extensive range of products.

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